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ADVERTISING IS DEAD, long live advertising

ISBN : ISBN_10_0500513147
Autor : Tom Himpe
Editorial : Thames & Hudson Ltd
Cubierta : cubierta dura
Páginas : 224 pág.
Color : Full Color
Idioma : Ingles
Define las mejores estrategias para llegar al consumidor: la proximidad, la exclusividad, la invisibilidad y la previsibilidad, y las técnicas que de ellas se derivan.
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Over 200 campaigns for the new marketplace!
Twenty years ago an advertiser could reach 80 per cent of the US population with just three television commercials. Today it takes 150. Advertising is suffering because of the sheer amount of it, the lack of innovation within traditional advertising formats and the power that media fragmentation and technology give to consumers to tune out the noise.
The new buzzwords are guerilla, stealth, ambush, buzz, viral, grassroots, wildfire and ambient. This book is the first to harness them into an integrated communications approach, as Tom Himpe explains and illustrates:
? The four driving forces for getting closer to the consumer:
be personal, go where the competition isnt, make the brand invisible, be unpredictable.
? The eight techniques ? from consumer involvement to channelling the power of the senses ? for employing these driving forces, illustrated with campaigns from across the world.
? The four types of campaign that make use of this new knowledge.
Advertising is Dead is the only complete survey of a global shift affecting all kinds of business, and is vital reading for all advertising, marketing and communications professionals.