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Desire: The Shape of Things to Come

ISBN : 3899552180
Autor : R. Klanten (Author), S. Ehmann
Editorial : Die Gestalten Verlag
Cubierta : cubierta dura
Páginas : 280 pág.
Idioma : Ingles
Idioma : Dimensiones: 30 x 24 cm.
Desire presents the "creemme de la creemmee" of design today.
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After decades of practice, the clean and simplified designs of Minimalism, where less is more and form follows function are less used. There is an explosion of
vibrant design today that breaks free from the minimal style of approach, prevailing in current design trends. With new technology, advanced engineering and
expanded choice of materials, designers are embracing design with scintillating attitude, challenging aesthetic boundaries and speculating new expressions in
visual codes.

The upper crust of designers have always been synonymous with the fashion designers of haute couture. They set trends and present bold concepts becoming
indicators for the mass market to follow.

Desire presents the "creemme de la creemmee" of design today. On the one hand, it presents celebrated designers who are creating design art, one-off pieces and limited editions which are considered works
of art. Created with experimental freedom and intended for a niche market, they are exhibited at prestigious design galleries and sold at international auction
houses. On the other hand, the book introduces promising young talent culled from around the world that is merging various design disciplines and producing
a new expressive language.

Influenced by a diverse range of styles, their conceptual
designs are provocative. They challenge our understanding of furniture, objects, interior design and will pave the way we will live in the future.
The pioneering examples showcased in Desire will shape the future aesthetic of product, furniture and object design and be a sure indicator of trends that will be
influencing the design industry.

30 x 24 cm.